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When it comes to sales, you can build a sales tool that works super well ( and usually delivers a poor customer experience) or…you can follow the design way: making customers wanting to come back, employees wanting to use your new tools just because they look good, feel good on top of no crushing, no bugs, on top of just functional.

Below some tangible examples of good design and function:

Digital Sales tools

Developed for tablets and/or smartphones, Digital Sales Tools offer access to the full product catalogue, relevant texts, images and videos, as well as easy and personalized search options, CRM, media centers and many more features, according to the clients needs.

Luxury watch brand: A complete sales tool for internal use. It includes all watch collections of the brand, the jewelry collection, the straps and bracelets.

The contextual search in its database allows narrow targeting according to client requests, to characteristics of each product, to reference numbers or to other product affinities. It also shows price-lists in local value.

Printed catalogues can be viewed, as well as after sales conditions, CRM, access to intranet without exiting the application, the possibility to view the presence of the brand all over the world, in 3D. It’s media center includes all videos of collections, events, advertising and internal documents that can be shared. Edited in 11 languages.

Media support: IOS for iPad (internal use only)

Banking: this interface gives complete access to the investment funds database containing more than 1000 funds. It was carefully crafted through several design iterations (following Agile methodology) that resulted in a responsive design with full support for tablets and smart phones.

Interactive graphics let the users explore the behaviour of any given fund through different sampling periods. It supports nine different languages and is being constantly updated using an exclusive information feed from client’s servers.

The innovative IOS application lets users search funds by criteria or full-text. Individual profiles can be customised to specific needs or various preset views can be selected from a list.