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I believe even with a very reduced budget there’s no excuse for bad work, bad design, bad programming. It’s a question of priorities and choice: do you want to be proud of your project, enjoy reading good comments about it, see the added value and audience growing?

Danada proposes to re-organize the hierarchy of your content to create new reading experiences and enhanced reading. References come from several sectors, such as financial services, the watch industry or international and cultural institutions.


A interactive and entirely digital cabinet de curiosités, were there dragons in the Swiss Alps? check for yourself here.

Danada is a design expert consultancy in content creation and enhancement out of existing data or archives to all modern communication technologies and platforms.

Digital Education Tools

The goal was to collect all text versions and the original manuscript of Candide, Voltaire’s master piece with contents inherent to the book: anthologies, images, videos, concepts, themes, information on the characters and references. In addition to the content, another part was developed for the users – designed as a notebook: organized favorites that can be edited and shared.

It is the first step of a long-term project ordered by Orange for the French National Library, who plans the launch of a unique platform generating enhanced books. This platform was presented to the press in early October 2015 at the Orsay Museum in Paris, in parallel with the release of the new improved book “Au bohneur des Dames” by Emil Zola.

Media support: IOS iPad/ Android Tablet/ Desktop

Demonstration video of Candide, improved edition, for the French National Library in Paris

Link to desktop version and to download the application