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How to present mathematical concepts to everyone as if they’re were super simple?
How to show a huge collection of old images in a way that doesn’t look dusty, annoying?
How can I do to expose a manuscrit no one can touch, light sensitive?

I created a general concept that groups under one roof this kind of design issues: Digital Culture tool projects

Digital Culture Tools- what’s this?

Usually it’s a collection of images, animations, videos, texts and audio descriptions aimed to open up highly-specialized sciences to a wide range of users. Developed as an information and leisure applications, digital culture tools have no commercial objectives: cultural, academic, for fun or for the good.


A visual « hands on » approach of the fascinating world of mathematics. It allows exploring advanced mathematical concepts through images that come alive, games, engaging text, explanatory videos and more. Developed with Javascript, HTML5 and native languages, Mathema was thought for anyone curious to find out about this extraordinary discipline. Edited in 3 languages.

Media support: IOS for iPad

Link to download the application.


Wonderalp – une science émerveilée (in French only)

A journey through a cabinet of curiosities collected during expeditions in the Alps in the XVI – XVIII centuries. The application shows pictures of dragons, fossils, crystals, plants, animals and natural phenomenon. Developed with Javascript, HTML5 and native languages, it explains and tries to reproduce the fascination for curiosities in the nature that animated science during that period.

Media support: IOS for iPad/ Android for tablet


Link to download the app IOS/ Android


Le lecteur à l’œuvre (in French only)

Development of holographic displays and a webapp for an exhibition: showing the role of readers and the evolution of texts between their initial edition until they become a book. The exhibition was held at the Martin Bodmer Foundation in Geneva in 2013.

Media Support: Web for desktop

Link to the webapp