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Example of a local PME that had no budget for design or creative communication. The client managers and associates accepted my creative approach of an evolutive design, using design thinking process as a tool, working as the product owner, design master, unique client’s contact that englobes every step of the development of the visual project.

During 10 years I was behind all visual communication design publications and design coordination of LIFTCONFERENCE: poster limited editions, marketing material, tech team management, suppliers management, event experiences design, workshops, decoration, website, banners, animations, videos, program and the liftexperience event coordination.

Liftconference.com , Lift explores the business and social implications of technological innovation through the organisation of international event series and open innovation programs in Europe and Asia.

Bruce Sterling

Lift Atmosphere


“Quartier du Flon” – LO Holding Collection of testimonials and images about the transformation of a privately owned abandoned district to the new meeting point in the center of Lausanne, known for its contemporary architecture, shopping and leisure. This book was selected for the award of most beautiful Swiss publications for its design and production quality. I also followed the evolution of a century old family business into a holding during 10 years, by producing annual reports, its rebranding and graphical identity management.